god fearing youth

by polaroids

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this track was originally meant to be on "in my past life" as mike's contribution. we didn't finish it in time though, so we did the old switcheroo with "pity" and saved this track for the "Daily Grooming" comp.

download the rest of the comp for free:

huge thanks to paul chiesa for asking us to be a part of this!


if god feared the youth the way we fear the truth, how many would lose their need to prove there’s someone to blame for the mistakes they won’t claim but forge in their lord’s name until only the guilty remain?

as for me, i don’t have my mother’s or my father’s eyes. just two halos of blue that have fallen from the sky and walk the world, waiting to die, behind black shades that block out the light.

for i’m no son of god, i’m no daughter of man, but i’ve still paid for their sins with both of my hands. forever weathered by a decade dragged away by the sea and now nobody wants them or me.

black cats always seem to cross my path and, though i may retrace my steps, i’ll never get them back. it seems like an eternity since i haven’t felt afraid because if it takes this long to live one life, how can i face another eight?

if i prayed for the rains to come and wash me away, how many more plagues would i suffer through, or would this drought ever refrain?

if god feared the youth the way we fear the truth, what the fuck would you do with your empty confessional booth?


released October 21, 2014
recorded, mixed, and mastered between the months of september 2013 and september 2014 in the basement of the den by thomas fett.
drums were tracked by patrick linehan on the patio of the black lodge on the 29th of september.

all music and lyrics were written or stolen by polaroids.
thomas fett - left guitar, vocals
christopher postlewaite - drums, vocals
michael quiray - bass guitar, vocals
matthew brucato - right guitar, vocals
sean farrelly - tambourine, shaker



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